5 Fashion bags for women winter 2022

Discover the main trends in bags for winter 2022 

Designers continue to dream of trips, parties, social events and that is why they offer us in the autumn winter 2022 season to replenish your wardrobe with at least one shiny bag with a metallic shine, a spacious backpack and even a suitcase.

Bulky bags 

The whole world has switched to practical models. Super Sacos, beautiful on the outside and very spacious on the inside have won the catwalks and plan to stay in your closet:

Messenger bags

Another model from the internship category. The messenger is usually seen: a rectangular bag with several external pockets on a long and wide belt so that it is comfortable to carry on the shoulder. In general, the classic shoulder bag, just shoulder bag ... Practical and versatile.

Crossbody bags with wide belt

Like those who carry the camera. However, the model of the bag itself can be absolutely any, the main feature is the wide belt. 


There's not a single full season without a backpack and… well, why not? A practical and spacious bag that frees your hands and is always useful. 

Furry bags

Plush and fur bags (we're talking faux fur) literally flooded the runway. The models turned out to be so cozy and stylish.

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