You don't have the capacity or the budget to buy brand new handbags so we are going to show you the 10 types of handbags that we will find for the entire 2022 season.

There are off-road parts you can start using right now and they will come with you next year as well. These are pieces that are infallible!

A bag brand new with every outfit is a desire that eludes most of us mortals. You might be fantasizing about it, but get it out of your head. It is impractical and, moreover, there is no budget or wardrobe to resist it. Even celebrities don't. 

The ideal is to find two or three all-terrain bags per season, the kind that adapts to trends and solves any daily commitment.


First, find out what trends await you. Next year, comfort will take precedence over everything else. In no way does that mean you have to forget about the design, but you can afford to be more practical than other seasons. Here are the bags you'll hang the most on your shoulder in 2022:

Shopping bags. XXL bags are those basics that are renewed year after year. Being able to take everything with you without worrying about space is a maxim, especially if you are spending the day away from home, from here to there. Are you one of those people who associate work out at the gym, after work, afternoon shopping or dining with friends? Big bags save your life! We can take almost anything with them !!!!

Chain bags. They are great for when you need to prepare a little bit more on a daily basis. The chains give off that touch of glamor that suits any outfit that requires a certain sophistication. Chain bags are perfect for a romantic dinner or to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Metal links are perfect for adding a little extra to your look.

Shoulder bags with wide belt. If you want to pack just enough so you don't overload your back, this type of bag is the one for you. You don't need more space to carry your cell phone, wallet, keys and lipstick. 

Backpack.  Who said backpacks were only for hiking, the gym or class? They are the ultimate in comfort and can be as stylish as any other type of bag. All you have to do is find one that fits well with your outfits. In 2022 you will never tire of using them!

Tote bags.  Large fabric bags with two handles to hold them are here to stay. One more season, they will be one of the favorite bets to face your daily life. With funny, personalized, stamped or plain messages with a pocket or a decorative detail… Anything goes.

This selection will give you access to daily bags that you can start wearing now and will accompany you throughout 2022. 

Brown tote bag with buckle

If you are one of those who carry the house on your back, you need to get an XXL bag. Maxi bags are functional, comfortable, stylish and in 2022 they will continue to be the kings of street style. This brown synthetic leather style is perfect for any marathon day to buy from SHEIN.


Quilted black shoulder bag with chain strap

Chain bags are going to be a hit in 2022. Shoulder bags with this detail are, without a doubt, the most comfortable and stylish choice of the season. It is very comfortable and versatile and the same allows to go out of a casual look or to be radiant with a more formal outfit. 

Yellow bag with silver chain

Another of the big "must haves" for the coming months will be the yellow bags. It will be one of the star colors, especially in its mustard version. If you are not used to incorporating a lot of color into your outfits, you can opt to do so as accessories. This silver chain bag will allow you to break up your monochrome looks.  

Sang Square Shoulder Bag in Lilac

Lilac is going strong this season. You do not yet have a garment or accessory of this color? This shoulder bag with pockets is perfect for carrying everything you need in your everyday life. 

Comfortable and versatile, it will become a great ally for your daily commitments. 

El Cortes Ingles handbag

Maxi red bag with double handle

Always have a maxi bag in the closet. And red is one of those colors that can cheer you up and transform a sober and a little boring look! This Calvin Klein model will help you prove it. 


Black shoulder strap with large handle

Is there anything more comfortable than a small shoulder bag? This year you will wear them with belt suspenders, even more comfortable than usual. This black model from Bimba y Lola is a basic that will become an essential part of your wardrobe. 

Animal Print Tote Bag

They are perfect for going to work or studying and even for shopping. The possibilities are endless: plain, with pockets, appliqué, message, floral, striped, printed… Combine two trends with this animal print tote bag from Shein. It is available in zebra, cow and leopard!

Mini quilted bag with chain

Quilted patterns add an extra touch of style. This is perfect if you are one of those people who leave the house with keys, a wallet, a cell phone and nothing else. Why carry more? 

Bershka handbag

Recycled fabric backpack with chain

They allow you to carry lots of things without overloading your back and… they are also going strong this season! And, best of all, every time they come up with more refined designs, loaded with details that match even the most sophisticated outfits.  

Red zipped tote bag

A nylon tote bag with a zippered front pocket. What more could you want? A good bet to be able to organize your things and wear the ones you use the most on the front. 


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